recycling centre’s increase in popularity

When the council decided to change the way rubbish is collected on a weekly basis, this added to the everyday challenges that people face at home.Recycling is now mandatory and if you do not think so, try mixing your rubbish in your various coloured allocated bins and see if it gets taken by the bin man.

Recycle centreA lot of the time its okay to stick rubbish in your bins when there’s not a lot of it, but when you move into a new home and the garden is overgrown, with bushes and all sorts of rubble what do you do.Most people would hire a skip, as most skip hire companies have a recycle centre and this tends to be very useful cause you can get rid of all your rubbish at once.

Also this type of waste can be taken to a composting facility which can be sold or re-used as valuable food for gardens.

This explains why most house holds prefer to hire a skip, due to its flexibility and simply a breath of fresh and generally a good alternative option.

It’s amazing what people throw out

Another reason why hiring a skip is a favourite option for households is the fact rubbish tends to build up, whether decluttering, everyday rubbish, landscaping or simply renovating. Rubbish does attract all sorts of problems like pests which becomes a major problem for not only that particular household but for the entire neighbourhood.

A good percentage of household waste tends to be flammable, just imagine someone dropping a cigarette or match, this could cause untold disasters for countless of people.

As time goes by we tend to clear out all that we have been hoarding like the second sofa we inhereted from grandma, old toys which our children have out grown or simply little things that lay around and take up space. Disposing of our waste is important and if you cant simply stick it in your bin, then hire a skip which is cost effective and a simple task.

As the councils in Birmingham continue to bring out new rules and regulations regarding home and garden wastes the best recycling centre in Birmingham is getting harder to find. We continue to strive to update our services in order to accommodate our customers and essentially provide a solution to your needs.

If you are uncertain of particular home or garden wastes that cant be disposed of in a skip, simply contact us for further help.

Alternatively you can find your nearest recycling centre here